Fundraising Options

100% of donations received by GBF goes directly to the poets:  

GBF does not pay salaries and its overhead is covered separately.


Poets don’t earn a lot of money, but money isn’t the point for them. Poets write and perform poetry because they must… and they often must do so while living without conventional protections. Poetry, after all, seldom comes with health insurance.

In the case of slam poetry, it does come with one important benefit: the broad, open, and sharing community of other slam poets. It helps that local slams gather periodically to reveal the latest work among their poets and to the public. It matters even more that the poets are there for one another after the stage goes dark. Yes, they rally one anothers’ spirits when the blues descend, but they also support each other materially to the extent that they can. Too often, sad to say, the needs are simply too great for self-help, and that’s where we, and you, come into the picture.

The Gabrielle Bouliane Foundation sees four avenues to gather the funding necessary to help slam poets overcome the inevitable pitfalls of everyday life:

Seed Money

We’re happy to report that this start-up foundation was underwritten initially by one generous donor. Beginnings come to an end, though, and so this person’s philanthropy can’t be counted on to sustain our ambitions. We need to rely on the other three options for that:

Alms from Poets and Fans

Expectations here are both modest and expansive. We can’t plan on individual slam poets to contribute much to the funding pool, certainly not in absolute monetary terms. But they and their fans have been known to send a dollar or two to causes they believe in, and we believe that they will support our goals. Small donations from a number of poets practicing slam and the fans that attend their performances could add up to a substantial, and continuing, subsidy.

To make it easy for poets and fans to join the cause of helping slam poets, we’ve set up a secure Stripe account to receive their much-appreciated donations. Poets, fans –  just click here.

Proceeds from Events

Since slam poets and their fans enjoy getting together at slams, it isn’t hard to imagine that they’d also like to get together for other worthwhile – and fun – events. The choices are best left to the local organizations but, to stir this entertaining pot, they might include, say, river cruises, cookouts, concerts, beach parties, or comedy showcases, either alone or in combination. We suggest that food is always welcome and, where sensible, drink. GBF might even be able to defray some of the upfront costs for fundraising events: after all, sometimes one has to spend money to make money… and to do good.

Slam masters, venue hosts, organizers, here’s your opportunity to make a bigger than normal splash in your communities. Please get in touch with your ideas to see what we can do to help.

Gifts from Major Donors

Actually, being a 501(c)(3) charity, we think of them as tax-exempt investments.

The poets of slam come from exceptionally diverse backgrounds, not all of them pleasant. Despite this, there is no hate speech in slam: not because of a rule, that’s just how it is. Slam poets look first inward, then outward – if they have a problem, they tend to voice it in their poetry. Such thoughtfulness and inclusiveness is a welcome counterpoint to the disappointments we encounter in the daily news. The Gabrielle Bouliane Foundation celebrates the wide embrace of slam poetry and poets, and works to ease the burdens some in the slam family run into. 

We need help, though. The Performance Poetry Preservation Project‘s Board of Directors, itself quite invested in the well-being of the slam community, knows how difficult it is to attract funds in support of the art form. When it found it possible to do so, the Board transferred the organization’s entire treasury to GBF to underwrite slam poets in precarious situations directly. This was a most generous act, one that is highly appreciated and will long be remembered. 

Others who have the means and wish to share our appreciation tangibly are urged to contact our treasurer, Tom Bouliane. He can be reached by the following means:

26 Mellen Street, Boston, MA 02124

Tel: 617 895-9836; Fax: 617 514-4133